We got our 5D MKIII this week and I have to say I am pretty impressed. Almost all of the problems that plagued DSLR shooters have been at least addressed if not solved completely. I’m going to do more thorough testing and some videos but my initial list of pros is pretty long. First and foremost, 30 minute clip size limits!! I know it’s still not perfect but hey, now you can shoot an interview. The headphone jack with on the fly adjustment is awesome as well. I haven’t gotten into the nuts and bolts of the new recording formats but look forward to having more info about that soon. Spoiler alert: It’ll do 60P in 720 so that’s really nice. As a part time photography nerd, some of my favorite stuff is going on outside of the video mode. I’ll keep it brief but suffice to say, it’s a hell of a still camera with a lot of cool tricks up it’s sleeve.Image