GoPro Hero 3 Hack Lets You Take Super Long Timelapse


You can do a lot of things with the GoPro Hero 3 but it does have some caveats. While the GoPro does have the ability to take timelapse, but the longest you can set an interval to is one photo every sixty seconds. If you want to do a longer time lapse, a few days or a week long, this could be a problem. Megalapse, a new GoPro hack, sets out to change that.

Megalapse was created by Konrad Iturbe of The Megalapse app allows you to set your GoPro to record intervals for one photo every 2-45 minutes. The hack currently supports GoPro Hero 3 Black and Hero 3+ Black Edition.

You can download Megalapse completely for free here.

*Please remember, whenever you hack a camera you do so at your own risk. It is never 100% fail-safe and generally your warranty is voided when you do so.