Edelkrone SliderPlus V2 Rental

Edelkrone SliderPlus V2 Rental

A compact camera slider that can be packed in a small bag or backpack yet still allows for a full 2 feet of movement. Can be mounted on a tripod or used on the ground.

We no longer rent the Edelkrone Slider Plus V2. Please see the Kessler CineSlider rental page instead.

The SilderPlus is a great slider if you need something compact and small. It is small enough to be backed into a carryon or backpack, but because of how the slider works you get a full 2 feet of movement.

You can use the Edelkrone Slider Plus either on a tripod or on the ground. It should be noted, however, that on the ground you will only be able to get 1 foot of movement instead of two.

Another benefit to the Slider Plus is that unlike other sliders you do not need an additional head. You simply attach the slider in between the tripod sticks and then attach your fluid head to the top.

Overall, this Edlekrone SliderPlus is a great choice if you need small, subtle moves and don’t have room for a large slider.

This Edlekrone SliderPlus V2 slider rental can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For availability and quotes on camera packages for rent, please e-mail

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