Kessler Parallax Cineslider Rental

Kessler Parallax with Cineslider Rental


The Kessler Parallax is an add on for Kessler Cinesliders. It allows for automatic panning and fixed-point shooting capabilities.

Daily Price $175 Weekly Price $525

We have the Kessler Parallax and Kessler Cineslider Bundle available to rent at Stray Angel Films.

This Kessler Parallax rental is an add-on for Kessler Cinesliders that provides automatic panning and fixed-point shooting capabilities.

Using the Kessler Parallax allows you to add unique moves to your shots. You can perform the “parallax” move horizontally or vertically. This can add a lot of production value to things like interviews. You can even add a motor to automate the movement so you don’t need an operator. You can also use the Kessler Parallax to achieve a “Travel Pan” that is great for landscape and real estate pans.

If you already have a Kessler Cineslider, we also rent the Parallax by itself.

If you’re interested in renting the Kessler Parallax or any other camera movement gear, please e-mail

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