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Canon tried to take DSLR quality video and put it in a more traditional and user friendly camera body. Ideal for documentaries, music videos, and interviews.

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Daily Price $250 Weekly Price $750

The Canon C100 is an HD camera available for rent at Stray Angel Films.

The Canon C100 is one of Canon’s newest video cameras in the Canon EOS family. The EOS family is designed to bring together the technology of Canon CMOS sensors, DIGIC DV III Image Processor, and EF lens compatibility in a smaller, light body similar to DSLRs.

The C100 has a Super 35mm CMOS sensor and records at 24Mbps using an AVCHD codec, which is much more desirable than the H.264 codec used by most DSLRs. It also features the ability to shoot ISO 320 up to ISO 20,000, the ability to shoot Wide DR and Canon Log Gamma, dual SDHC/SDXC memory card slots, two XLR audio connectors, and the HDMI outputs a non-compressed signal.

While it doesn’t offer the 50 Mbps that the C300 offers, it actually does have a few new features that the C300 doesn’t have such as one shot AF, Push Auto Iris, a built-in microphone, and non-compression HDMI out with superimposed timecode and 2:3 pull-down marker.

While the C100 is great to rent for shooting narrative features or music videos, it has been designed with run-and-gun one-man-band style shooting including videographers, documentarians, and independent filmmakers. It is ideal for productions who want a rental camera with a higher image quality than that of a 7D, 5D Mark II, or Mark III and the features of a more traditional video camera but don’t quite have the budget for the C300.

How To Rent Canon C100:

Canon C100 packages are available for rental at Stray Angel Films. C100 rentals can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

We also rent the Canon C100 Mark II.

For availability and quotes on Canon C100 cameras for rent, please e-mail: [email protected]

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