Bringing you most of the same features as the Red Epic at a fraction of the cost, the Scarlet has made 5K acquisition the most affordable it has ever been.

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Daily Price $500  Weekly Price $1,500

The RED Scarlet is a 5K digital camera available to rent at Stray Angel Films.

The Scarlet is the RED Epic’s little cousin. Boasting a Mysterium X Sensor, this 4k-capable camera uses the same hardware, menus, and technology as the Epic, but at a slightly reduced capability (and cost!). While the Epic will get you better results in high-speed situations, the Scarlet is identical in quality for most regular narrative and commercial applications. Considered one of the industry’s best camera solutions for mid to high range budgeted productions, the Scarlet won’t let you down whenever you rent it!

RED’s Scarlet has the same Mysterium X (MX) sensor as the RED Epic. It gives you 13.5 stops of dynamic range (same as Epic) and up to 18 stops when you have the HDRX mode enabled and reduced frame rate.

RED Scarlet camera packages are available for rental at Stray Angel Films. This rental can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For quotes and availability on camera packages for rent, please e-mail:

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