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The camera is designed from the ground up to harness the power of Canon’s large sensor DSLRs and put it in a powerful, professional and easy to use video camera body.

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We rent the Canon C300 at Stray Angel Films. We also rent the C300 Mark II.

Years ago, when we all started shooting on DSLRs, we dreamed of a day when someone would release a camera that gave us all the perks of a DSLR without the hassles of trying to shoot a film on one. Canon has finally delivered the camera we all wanted. The C-300 is Canon’s first entry in its EOS Cinema line and provides a super 35mm sized CMOS sensor with EOS or PL mount options.

The sensor itself is 3840×2160 pixels and uses the extra pixels to output a 1920×1080 image without the use of a debayering algorithm, thus providing pixel perfect color fidelity available in no other 1080p camera. The C300 delivers HD video with a true 24p option to CF cards in a 4:2:2 XF codec at up to 50mbps, making its internal recording second to none in its price range. Perhaps the neatest part of the whole package is the great 4” monitor, which features a waveform monitor, vectorscope, peaking, zebra, and a zoom in function for checking focus. This is in keeping with Canon’s intent to create a camera system that provides shooters with everything they need in a single, simple package. Ideally, this means no external recorders, on board monitors or audio gear.

Another big selling point is the camera’s “Canon Log” gamma curve which is a flat recording mode similar to Sony’s S-Log mode and serves to extend the camera’s 12 stops of dynamic range. The menu system is simple and easy to use and there are lots of programmable buttons to make sure you can stay out of it when you’re shooting. All the controls like white balance, shutter speed etc. have been moved to a single LED screen on the back so you can adjust all those things quickly and easily while shooting.

There are a couple drawbacks that should be considered when evaluating the camera; first of all, it was designed to be a fully manual camera. No auto iris, no auto focus, no auto white balance while shooting. Another little complaint is that camera only offers 60p in 720p mode.We’re not sure why 1080/60p is so hard for camera manufacturers but here’s another camera that falls flat there.

We rent the Canon C300 to people shooting everything from documentaries and music videos to narratives and commercials.

How To Rent Canon C300:

Canon C300 packages are available for rent here at Stray Angel Films. Camera packages can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For availability and quotes on Canon C300s for rent, please e-mail:

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