GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Rental

Rent GoPro Hero 4

The newest in the line of GoPros, the Hero 4 Black Edition offers filmmakers manual image control, 4K up to 30 fps, and 120 fps at full 1080p HD.


We no longer rent the GoPro Hero 4, please see the GoPro Hero 5 rental page instead.

There are some awesome new features on the GoPro Hero 4 that will make it much more valuable to filmmakers. First, while previous versions of the GoPro offered 4K at 15ps, the Hero 4 Black allows you to shoot 4K at usable frame rates such as 24p and 30p. At full 1080p, it can shoot up to an impressive 120 fps.

The new GoPro Hero 4 also features complete manual control over images. This is invaluable for filmmakers. You can now manually set the controls for color, ISO, sharpness, and exposure.

How To Rent GoPro Hero 4:

We no longer rent the GoPro Hero 4, please see the GoPro Hero 5 rental page instead.

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