Rent Sony FS700 Camera

Rent Sony FS700

The Sony FS700 has a Super 35 sized CMOS sensor and features high speed recording capabilities, 1 to 960 frames per second in burst modes.


We no longer rent the Sony FS700. Please see our Sony FS7 rental page instead. Or, browse our other camera rentals.

The Sony NEX FS700 is the most recently released successor to Sony’s popular FS100 camera. The FS-700 comes with an improved body design and a whole new lot of bells and whistles, most of which revolve around the cameras Super 35 sized CMOS native 4k sensor.

The big headline here is the off speed recording capabilities, everything from 1 to 960 frames per second in burst modes and diminished quality. Even at full 1080 resolution, the camera is able to do 240 frames per second which is pretty darn slow and very close to what the Red Epic is capable of. We rent a lot of FS700’s to people who need to capture that slow-motion, but don’t have time or room to set up a RED package.

Another exciting feature of the FS 700 that a lot of people were excited about is that the camera is “4K ready”, which means that a future update will enable the 4K output via 3G HD-SDI. You will, however, need an external recorder to record that that signal.

Even without all of those awesome features, the Sony FS700 provides several upgrades that will probably make you want to rent it over the FS100. One simple but important thing is that the FS700 features 4 levels of built-in ND filters. That’s not to say that the FS100 needed much improvement or more features as it already boasted a great Super 35 chip, with low noise, great low-light pick up and high quality, but the added slow motion capabilities open up this camera and independent filmmakers to a whole new world of possibilities.

How To Rent Sony FS7:

Sony FS700 camera packages are available for rental at Stray Angel Films. It can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For availability and quotes on Sony FS700s for rent, please e-mail:

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