Pix 240 Recorder Rental

An HD recorder that allows you to record Quicktime files in ApplePro Res or Avid DNxHD. Has both HDMI and HD-SDI inputs.


 We no longer rent the PIX 240 recorder. Please see our other recorder rentals.

This PIX 240 allows you to record Quicktime files from cameras with HDMI or HD-SDI inputs. It allows you to record in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codecs.

Videos from the PIX 240 recorder are stored onto CF cards or removable SSDs. This rental includes (2) 240 GB SSDs and an SSD reader.

This sony PIX 240 Recorder rental is available for local pick up or nationwide shipping for additional fees.

For quotes and availability on the PIX 240 and other recorders for rent, please email

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