Rent Redrock LiveLens MFT Lens Adapter

Rent Redrock LiveLens Adapter


The Redrock LiveLens allows you to go from you Micro 4/3 mount to EF so that you can use Canon lenses. It is a smart adapter so you have full aperture control.

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Daily Price $25 Weekly Price $75

The Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT is a micro four-thirds to Canon lens adapter available for rent at Stray Angel Films.

This lens adapter is a great choice for cameras like the Panasonic GH4 and other micro 4/3 cameras that you might want to use Canon EF lenses with. Because the Redrock LiveLens is a smart adapter, it is able to power Canon EF lenses so that you can change the aperture. The LiveLens MFT allows you to set EF lens’ aperture to any stop in increments as small as 1/3 stop.

How To Rent RedRock LiveLens:

If you’re interested in renting to Redrock Micro Livelens Adapter, please email

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