Panasonic 16GB P2 Card

Panasonic 16GB P2 Card Rental


Panasonic’s industry standard solid state memory cards are fast, rugged and reliable. Capacity comparable to and often greater than tape and disc-based media.

Daily Price $35 M-F Price $70 Weekly Price $105

The P2 cards are a little pricey but there’s a reason Panasonic uses them exclusively for their high end camera systems. They’re reliable and they last forever. Much like the cameras as a matter of fact. Add that to high read/write speeds and you’ve got a memory card system you can feel comfortable trusting a day’s worth of shooting too.

Josh Says:

P2 Cards are tough and dependable. I don’t recomend it but I’ve seen them get soaked, dropped and generally beat to hell with no footage lost.

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