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The DJI Ronin-M is the little brother to the Ronin stabilizer. Holds camera packages up to 8lbs and weighs half as much as the original.

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Daily Price $150 Weekly Price $450

We rent the Ronin M 3-axis stabilizer.

The Ronin-M is the newest gimbal stabilizer from DJI. It only holds 8 pounds (compared to the 16 pounds the original DJI Ronin holds), so it is ideal for light weight cameras like DSLRs.

Dual-operator and single operator modes are available, similar to DJI Ronin. An included transmitter-receiver allows an optional second operator to control the gimbal with an RC aircraft radio controller. SmoothTrack (Single Operator Mode) translates the operates pan and tilt movements of the gimbal into smooth and stabilized movements of the camera’s angle.

The Ronin-M features the same three operation modes as Ronin:

In the upright mode, the gimbal can be flipped over so that it is not as strenuous to carry it at eye level.

Underslung (Suspended Operation Mode)
This is the traditional operation mode for Ronin gimbals.

Allows the Ronin-M to make it’s width shorter and length longer. This is perfect for flying through narrow areas, such as doorways. The name comes from the way you hold the top handle, like a briefcase.

How To Rent Ronin-M:

This Ronin-M rental can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For quotes and availability on DJI Ronin stabilizers for rent, please email

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