Freefly MoVI M15 Rental

Rent MoVI M15 Stabilizer


A sophisticated 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that can hold camera packages up to 15lbs. Both single and dual operator modes available.

Daily Price $600 Weekly Price $1800

We rent the MoVI M15 3-axis stabilizer here at Stray Angel Films.

This is the MoVI M15 Basic rental package. We also rent a MoVI 15 Cinema Package.

Included in the MoVI M15 Rental Package:

  • Freefly M15 Unit with batteries and charger
  • Freefly Ring Adapter
  • Spectrum pan and tilt remote control

The MoVI M15 is the flagship gimbal stabilizer from Freefly. It is capable of flying camera packages up to 15lbs in weight.

Our clients rent the M15 to use with cameras like the Canon C300, Canon C100, Sony FS7, Sony F55, ARRI ALEXA M, and the RED EPIC.

The Freefly line of 3-axis gimbal stabilizers are widely regarded as the best on the market. They have exceptional build quality unparalleled technology. The M15 frame is made out of carbon fiber, so the operator does not have to carry unnecessary weight. 

The Freefly MoVI M15 can be operated by a Single operator (Majestic mode) or by 2 operators (Remote operator mode). 

In Majestic mode single operators can intuitively control the direction of the gimbal using the MoVI’s handles without sacrificing stability. 

In Dual Operator Mode the added control of having a second operator controlling the pan and tilt remotely allows the MoVI operator to focus on maneuvering. This allows for unrestricted and incredible 3-axis camera moves.

Cameras can be mounted on the M15 in either high or low mode. Thanks to the MoVI’s well thought out design, with the flip of a lever you can switch the hand grips from low to high mode. Every second counts on set!

The Freefly App is a GUI that gives you control of your MoVI via iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS X device. The updatable firmware features auto-tuning, motion booting, wireless tuning and graphing via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has advanced customization including a user-adjustable shaky-cam mode.

MoVI M15 Specs:

Weight: 5.4 lb / 2.47 kg
Camera Cage: 203mm L x 203mm W x 197mm H
Maximum Payload: 15 lb / 6.8 kg

How To Rent Freefly MoVI M15:

This Freefly MoVI M15 rental can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For availability and quotes on MoVI M15 stabilizers for rent, please e-mail

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