This is the production rental house to rent from, not only if you're on the westside but greater LA area. Staff is super knowledgable and friendly. I've been using stray angel since 2010, and they have grown into a fully functional company. They also offer a lot of extras to their clients the other big rental(...)

Used these guys for years. Always been impressed by their willingness to educate and their friendly way of handling most situations. Happy to use them whenever my company has a project.

Haven't even gotten my gear yet and I love these guys already. I have this shoot coming up this weekend, very important (aren't they all?) and I had a set of hard to find, in-demand lenses confirmed. Then, the shoot got changed and I had to cancel with five days to go. They were suuuuper cool about it, very(...)

Stray Angel has always provided excellent service for whatever rental needs we have had. My studio is in orange county, but prefer to make the drive to Stray Angel rather
than rent nearby. Very helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and economical. A rental house with soul.

"The staff at Stray Angel are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly cater to the indie community.
They know budgets are tight, and they are there to help you hit those numbers."

This is a small business at it's best: experts at what they do, friendly, affordable, and willing to go the extra mile to make a customer happy.

I've rented from them on numerous occasions, from cameras, to lenses, to tripods, to sliders, to batteries. In every case, they've delivered what I asked for,(...)

Best Video/Film Production rental house in LA!!! Not only for the endless gear list and accomodating staff, but also always the most competitive prices!!! On top of that, Suren Seron, owner and the rest of the staff are all extremely knowledgeable about the film industry and their talents extend far beyond(...)

Matthew N.

Best camera rental prices and service in LA. Great location on the westside. I would highly recommend for projects large or small. I shot a few commercials with their equipment and I recommend them to everyone I know.

I've had a lot of experience with Stray Angel. They are helpful, professional, knowledgeable and go out of their way to work with you on any film or video project. Top notch.

Quick, easy rental. Stray Angel is willing to jump through hoops to make sure everything you need for your shoot, and if they don't have something available to rent will give you a recommendation of the best substitute.