We had our first Workshop Wednesday last night. I was really happy with how it turned out and I think the people that showed up were too. We had about ten people and they all got some hands on time with the Sony F-3. There were lots of questions and I even knew the answer to most of them. That said I am definitely going to try to make some tweaks. I spent a little too much time futzing around with cords and settings and the workshop could have been a little more planned out. I’m also going to try to make sure I have someone presenting with me for most of these so there will be a little more give and take.  It was really interesting to see who showed up though. Everyone from directors and producers who didn’t know much about the camera to DPs who knew as much as I did or more. Finding a balance between giving a good overview of the subjects and getting into the nuts and bolts will be a challenge for future workshops but I think we can figure out how to provide a valuable experience for everyone