Had a client email looking for documentary style shooting options, he wasn’t too happy with e AF-100 or the FS-100 and wanted to try something else. Offhand, Billy mentioned that we have a scarlet package available. The client replied, “Red for run and gun work? You’re crazy.” After a few emails going over the options and realizing it wasn’t that crazy, the client wound up deciding to come in and do a test. It might sound nuts but the new Reds are starting to be practical for doc and ENG stuff. First of all, the Scarlet and Epic weigh about half as much as the Red One did and there are some great handheld rigs available. The Canon mounts offer autofocus and wide zoom ranges although a zoom rocker is still out. The cards will record forever without the weight and fragility of the red drives. The new red bricks are small and don’t go very long but the flip side of that is that they don’t weigh a ton. Audio is still a pain but it’s doable and most importantly, the Epic and Scarlet seem to be a lot more robust than the Red One. They definitely boot faster and seem to have fewer gremlins.