Shot On Stray Angel Gear: Kraft Lunchables & Fantasy Factory

Our clients continually impress us with their creative and unique work. David Gil, a very talented DP, rents from us for every shoot he does. Recently, he was hired to shoot some web videos for Kraft Lunchables and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

We supplied all the gear for the shoot including Canon C300s and Paralinx Arrow Wireless video transmitters. The videos are now all on YouTube, our favorite is probably the giant water balloon. The slow motion was shot using our Sony FS700.

We had to make up our own rig for the Paralinx Wireless Transmitters. The director wanted to send the video signal from 3 cameras to a single monitor. Here are some photos of the setup that our brilliant VP of Rental Operations came up with:



Here are a couple of the Lunchables Uploaded videos. They can all be seen by visiting the  Lunchables Uploaded YouTube Channel.