We’re Getting The Sony PMW-200!

We’re getting the new Sony PMW-200 today and I’m excited to play with the camera. The big story here is the new 50mps 4:2:2 codec as the internal recording was always the weak point of the EX-1s and EX-3s. This is hard to underestimate as feature because it mostly eliminates the need to use external recorders which are always an expensive pain in the rear. Part of the reason the C-300 has been so hugely popular is the fact that the footage comes out of the camera ready to edit in professional grade codec. The camera itself is virtually unchanged although I’m sure we’ll find some bells and whistles upon closer inspection. That’s not a bad thing though as the EXs have taken over the small ENG camera market for good reason. I’m also excited to do some side by side comparisons between the EXs and this new camera so stay tuned for those.

Check out Phillip Blooms great quick review in the meantime.
Phillip Bloom PMW-200 Review