Rent OConnor 2575 Tripod


The O’Connor 2575 Head with Standard and Baby Legs and a Mitchell Mount Hi-Hat is the gold standard for tripod support.

Daily Price $175 Weekly Price $525

The O’Connor 2575 package comes complete with Standard and Baby Legs and a Mitchell Mount Hi-Hat. This will give you solid support from a few inches off the ground to well above eye level. The 2575 head is the best of O’Connor’s Ultimate range of fluid head and provides ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag specifically designed for film style shooting. The 2575 quickly became the standard for 35mm film cameras and is still the head of choice for the larger digital cinema packages that have replaced them.

How To Rent OConnor 2575:

This OConnor 2575 tripod rental can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For availability and quotes on lenses for rent, please e-mail [email protected]