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Do you have a production coming up in Los Angeles but don’t want to coordinate through multiple vendors and deal with the costs and insurance requirements of an overseas project?  Where do you start?  Hiring a traditional studio or coordinating through multiple U.S.-based teams is always an option, however, this often leads to inflated budgets and complicated workflows.

With 20+ years of expertise in the cinema rental and production industry and an awareness of the growing needs of international companies looking to produce in the United States, Stray Angel Films is here to ensure that we’ve got you covered.  We are fully equipped to support creative teams from all around the globe, providing everything needed to facilitate seamless content production.

One Partner, Multiple Resources

Under the hood, Stray Angel Films combines a cinema rental house, soundstage, and a vast network of crew and creatives, along with every production service and resource you can imagine, centralizing everything your team might need for producing broadcast quality content. By working with us we can facilitate everything from gear rentals, insurance coverage, to crew staffing and complete production services, so when you land, you’re set to shoot. We handle all the logistical aspects stateside, allowing you to concentrate on the creative details of your project.

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How We Support

Production Gear: Primarily operating as a rental house, our inventory ranges from top-tier cinema cameras, lighting, lenses, and grip packages, to run and gun, grab and go production packages, removing the need to engage multiple rental providers, regardless of budget.

Location: Housing a 1545 sq ft soundstage alongside the rental house allows your production to rent gear, shoot and produce amazing content all at the same location.  When combined with our extensive network of other Los Angeles-based stages, we can ensure finding the perfect location is effortless.  To top it off, our location is easily accessible as our building is directly off the 405 in West LA.  This allows for both local or out of town talent to arrive quickly for interviews or pick up shots and then move on to wherever they need to be next. 

Insurance: Handling insurance can often be a headache for producers, but with Stray Angel Films, rest assured that we’re able to cover crews, equipment, vehicles, and general liability comprehensively through a simple co-production agreement.

Crew: With a robust network that includes skilled grips, gaffers, cinematographers, directors, editors, and ACs, we’re able to swiftly deploy the required talent and ensure that all rates fit within your budget.

Production Services: Utilizing in-house content producers as well as a massive network of vendors, we are ready to collaborate on projects requiring end-to-end production, from initial concept development to final execution, whether it’s a quick 30-second piece or an extended 30-minute segment.

Wrap-Up: Your Gateway to Hassle-Free Productions in Los Angeles

Starting a production in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a challenging or expensive endeavor marked by logistical complexities and high costs. Our comprehensive, all-in-one international co-production service equips international companies with everything needed to carry out their projects efficiently and within budget. If you’re looking to enhance your production experience in Los Angeles and require a partner who understands the intricacies of international productions, contact us today at Stray Angel Films. Let’s create something exceptional together!


What types of production services do you offer?

  • We offer complete production management including equipment rental, crew hiring, location/stage, insurance services, and content creation.

How do you ensure the equipment is up to par with our standards?

  • We regularly maintain and update our equipment inventory to meet the highest industry standards and delivery specs to ensure optimal performance.

Can you handle productions of any size?

  • Yes, our resources and expertise allow us to manage productions ranging from small independent shoots to large-scale commercials and branded projects.