Rent Inside / Outside Large Private Event Space


This large indoor / outdoor private event space rental can be divided into three separate areas, the inside event space is 4000 square feet, the outside event space is 5000 square feet and the SAF soundstage is 1800 square feet.

Hourly Price $250 Daily Price $2500

The SAF Westside Event Space is conveniently located near the 405 and Santa Monica Blvd off Sawtelle Ave. The 10000sq/ft Facility is perfect to host your next event. It can be broken up into several different areas including our 1800 Sq/ft soundstage, 4000 sq/ft insider open floor space with 16ft ceilings and 5000sq/ft gated outdoor lot to host everything from a small gathering to a large event! All three spaces can be rented alone or combined in any fashion depending on the size of your event at $250.00 per hour, per space.

Soundstage – This 1800 sq/ft space is perfect for an intimate indoor or indoor / outdoor event for up to 100 people and has a sound system and full RGB lighting for making your event special. Tables and chairs can also be provided if needed. Some uses can include DJ events, Band Shows, Art Shows, Talent Showcases, Private Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Receptions, Special Events, Comedy shows and much more!

Open Inside Floorspace – This space is a 4000 sq/ft open space with 16ft ceilings. It is perfect for a Cocktail Mixer, DJ Event, Live Music, Art Show, Movie Premier Party, Comedy Show or just a good old fashioned party! The space opens onto Santa Monica Blvd for great visual traffic if desired!

Private Outdoor Gated Lot – The outdoor gated lot is a 5000 sq/ft lot which is perfect for an event of any kind such as Cocktail Mixer, DJ Event, Live Music, Art Show, Movie Premier Party, Comedy Show, Food Trucks, Night Market, Private Party, Reception, or Corporate Event, Street Fair, or any event where you would like to be under the sun or stars on the westside!

All three spaces can also be rented together to create a large event if needed. We also have the ability to sell/serve alcohol via a fully licensed restaurant connected off our outdoor lot! Larger events can rent additional outdoor space in the connected restaurant’s large outdoor patio and open up to connect with our lot as well. This one stop show is perfect for any event you can dream up. Hit us up and we can make your next event a success!

WEEKEND FEE – $250 (Saturday or Sunday weekend Space Manager per day)
DUMPSTER FEE – $100 (If we are required to schedule an additional dumpster pickup)
CLEANING FEE – $200 (If we are required to schedule a special cleaning / spills / stains, etc.)
PAINTING FEE – $1200 (If renting the stage and we are required to go from White Cyc to Green Cyc or another color or vice versa)


All other rented equipment including G&E, lights, and all other items are subject to a separate rental fee.

After your event or production, all rented spaces MUST be left in a clean condition as provided. This includes removing all set pieces, equipment, lighting or additional dumpster and cleaning charges may apply.

BTS Package:

We also have a BTS Package you can purchase from us as well!

SAF Inside / Outside Large Event Space Rental Info:

The SAF Westside Indoor / Outdoor Event Space is available for rental at Stray Angel Films. It can be rented locally in Los Angeles.

For more information on stages for rent, please email [email protected] or give us a call at 310-277-6900.