Rent Leica Summicron-C Lens Set

Rent Leica / Leitz Summicron-C Lens Set of 6


The Summicron-C lenses are a lighter, less expensive version of Leitz’s premiere Summilux-C lenses. They provide full coverage, even on RED DRAGON.

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Daily Price $1200 Weekly Price $3600

The Leica Summicron-C lens set is a PL mount lens set of  6 prime lenses available for rent at Stray Angel Films. Recently all Leica lenses have now become part of the the Leitz Cine brand and are now known as the Leitz Summicron-C Lens Set.

The Summicron-C lenses are the compact prime version of Leitz’s premiere Summilux-C lens set. They are lighter and also a little less expensive. These lenses provide incredible performance and full sensor coverage.

Currently, the Summicron-C lenses are available to rent in a set of 6:

  • 18mm
  • 25mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm

All of the Leitz Summicron-C lenses open up to a T2.0 and close down to a T22.

How To Rent Leitz Summicron-C:

This Leitz Summicron-C Lens Set rental is available for pick up locally in Los Angeles, or for shipping nationwide.

For quotes and availability on Leitz Summicron-C lenses for rent, please email

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