Rent Canon CN-E 30-105mm Lens


Part of Canon’s new family of cinema lenses. Has virtually no breathing, has smooth bokeh, and was engineered specifically with 4k camera’s in mind.

Daily Price $375 Weekly Price $1125

We rent the Canon 30-105mm CN-E lens.

The Canon 30-105mm T2.8 lens is one of the most popular lenses in Canon’s professional CN-E lens series. All Canon CN-E lenses, including this 30-105mm, are designed with high-end productions in mind and offer top-notch 4K optical performance. 

Understanding the needs of camera department, Canon CN-E lenses are made with markings on angled surfaces on each side of the barrel and with the ability to switch from standard to metric labeling.  The angled surfaces are especially an asset to an operator who is pulling his or her own focus.

The lens has 300° of rotation for focus, which will make ACs happy, as it means there will be plenty of room for reference marks. “Breathing” while pulling focus has virtually been eliminated in the CN-E 30-105mm thanks to geared inner focusing, which minimizes focus-induced changes in the angle of view.

Every part of the Canon CN-E 30-105mm was designed to be lightweight. The lens itself weighs only 4.8lbs, which for its focal length is very impressive. The lens has threading on the front so that you can screw in a 105mm filter. This will help keep the lens lightweight so that when you want to use a filter, you do not also have to add the weight of a mattebox. 

Because the Canon 30-105mm has a fast aperture of T2.8, it is a great choice when shooting in low-light or when you want a shallow depth of field. The 11-blade iris makes for very smooth out of focus areas, giving you that desired beautiful bokeh in the background.

Optically, the Canon 30-105mm CN-E lens is very sharp. It has a high MTF, which means it can resolve fine lines very well. Canon CN-E lenses are generally described as having a bit of “warmth”, which enriches flesh tones. The fluorite and large aspherical lens elements give you consistent image sharpness throughout the zoom range. 

This Canon 30-105mm CN-E lens has a companion, the Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm. Both lenses are the exact size and weight and have the geared rings are in exactly the places, making it very easy to swap in and out. Between the focal lengths on the two lenses, most productions are covered. 

If you are using this Canon 30-105mm lens with a Canon Cinema Camera (such as the C200, C300, or C500), the lens will be able to communicate with the camera and enable the recording of zoom settings and other video data.

Canon 30-105mm T2.8 CN-E Lens Specs:

  • Mount: EF or PL
  • Weight: 4.8lbs
  • Min. Aperture: 2.8
  • Iris Blades: 11
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 23.6”
  • Filter Size: 105mm

How To Rent Canon 30-105mm CN-E Lens:

This Canon 30-105mm T2.8 CN-E lens rental can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped nationwide for additional fees. 

For availability and quotes on Canon 30-105mm lenses for rent, please email: [email protected]

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