Rent Stage Green Screen / White Cyc Soundstage


This stage has a high 14’ lighting grid and has a 180 degree Infinity Cyc that is pre-lit by six 2k Litepanels Gemini LED RGB space lights. Can be painted white or green depending on productions needs.

Daily Price $1800

The SAF Production Stage is a fully featured Cyc Soundstage rental located on the Westside of Los Angeles. We have recently upgraded the production stage with all new LED RGB lighting as well as the addition of a beautiful exterior mural dedicated to four of the most iconic roles brought to life by the late critically acclaimed actor Chadwick Boseman.

This 1545 square foot soundstage is soundproofed and comes with a green room and production office. The stage has a 14’ lighting grid and is pre-lit by six brand new Litepanels Gemini RGB full color LED (2k equivalent) space lights which are controlled via WiFi by an iPad Pro.

There is distro power rated at 600A which includes 4 x 100A Bates connectors plus another 200A spread over a 12 Edison outlets. This stage is perfect for commercials and can be utilized for high power music videos and the like. A pull down 12 x green seamless is available as well.

Ultra high-speed synchronous 400 Mbps download / 400 Mbps upload internet bandwidth is available via Ethernet and on a dedicated wireless network with its own SSID. For comparison and large file transfers, in one minute you can upload and/or download 3GB of data. This service is provided directly to a local Verizon network access point.

The soundstage features an integrated Fender Event playback system featuring:

  • 375 watts of output power
  • Integrated seven-channel mixer with reverb
  • Two – 8″ Fender Special Designs speaker cabinets
  • Bluetooth-equipped—stream wireless audio from mobile devices
  • XLR and 1/4” mic/line inputs for flexible source connectivity
  • Stereo 1/8” input to play recorded material from mobile devices
  • Stereo 1/8” output for headphone monitoring and sending stereo mixes
  • Sub Out with automatic high-pass filter for powered subwoofer use
  • Mono Out with Level control for powered monitor use


  • 14’ High
  • 37’ 9″ x 42’ 8″

Daily Rental Fee also includes a Stage Manager, lights, parking, and a green room.

Stage Rates:

WEEKEND FEE – $250 (Saturday or Sunday weekend Stage Manager per day)
DUMPSTER FEE – $100 (If we are required to schedule an additional dumpster pickup)
CLEANING FEE – $200 (If we are required to schedule a special cleaning / spills / stains, etc.)
PAINTING FEE – $1200 (If we are required to go from White Cyc to Green Cyc or vice versa)
OT FEE – $180/hour (If shoot goes beyond scheduled booking times)


Stage includes the following:

Stage for a day, 4 walls, pre-lit cyc wall with 6x Litepanels Gemini RGB LED 2k space lights, lighting grid, iPad Pro, power, AC, Fender Event playback system, production room, makeup/wardrobe room, 6x parking spaces and a Stage Manager (SM).

Please note:

OT beyond 10 hours which will be assessed at $180/hr per hour. Please advise us throughout your production if there is a possibility of OT so we can schedule our staff accordingly. Over time (OT) charges do not stop until the last person is out of the facility.

All other rented equipment including G&E, lights, and all other items are subject to a separate rental fee.

After your production, Stage MUST be left in a clean condition as provided. This includes removing all set pieces, equipment, lighting or additional dumpster and cleaning charges may apply.

BTS Package:

We also have a BTS Package you can purchase from us as well!

SAF Green Screen/White Cyc Soundstage Rental Info:

The SAF Soundstage featuring a White Cyc and Greenscreen is available for rental at Stray Angel Films. It can be rented locally in Los Angeles.

For more information on stages for rent, please email [email protected] or give us a call at 310-277-6900.