Teradek Spark Wireless Video Transmitter

New Teradek Spark Will Operate At 60GHz

Teradek is releasing a new wireless video transmitter, Spark, that will operate in the 60GHz range.

60GHz is advantageous to filmmakers, because operating at the range should help eliminate interference from other devices. If you’ve ever used wireless video transmitters in a highly congested area, you know that this can be

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4.6K Blackmagic URSA Test Footage

Blackmagic Releases 4.6K URSA Footage

Blackmagic has released some teaser footage that was shot on the new 4.6K URSA sensor. It’s a nice sample video because there is all kinds of footage in there. A lot of it was shot documentary style and really shows off the dynamic range. The night shots are impressively clean.


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Sony Fs700 vs Sony FS7

Sony FS7 vs FS700

The Sony FS700 was a huge success, largely due to the fact that it was the cheapest and easiest way to shoot slow-motion. Now, almost four years later, Sony is releasing the successor to the F700, the FS7. To the naked eye, it looks very similar to the FS700, but

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