Hey There, Filmmakers!

As we step into the new year, the film industry is beginning to stir once more and emerging from the shadows of recent strikes! Though we also recognize that as the months unfold, the journey back to set is proving to be more challenging than anticipated- In light of this, we’re thrilled to unveil a series of promotions and resources designed to equip filmmakers with top-tier gear without overstretching their budgets.

Designed to rekindle the creative spark within the filmmaking community, providing both newcomers and seasoned professionals with an extraordinary opportunity to kickstart their projects through unbeatable offers.

Back to Production Promotion

As an initiative to help be the catalyst of your creative process and the return to full-scale productions, Stray Angel Films is thrilled to announce our ‘Back to Production’ promotion! Offering two tailored opportunities for either new or existing clients, lowering gear budgets and getting your project off the ground!

Cameras Options In Promotion: ARRI (MINI – LF – Alexa 35), RED (KOMODO, VRAPTOR), SONY (FX9), BLACKMAGIC (URSA PRO)

For any first time rental clients of Stray Angel Films, we want to make sure you’re setup with the best, without the high costs.

On you first order with us, we’re offering 25% off youre first rental! Simply type FTCSAF, and our rental agents will handle the rest!

For any existing clients of Stray Angel Films; we’re offering a tiered package for FREE lighting on your next order!

Simply pick one of your favorite cinema cameras and lens setup, and we’ll throw on some of our top lights in house! Just type in SAFCINEMALIGHTS at the bottom of your next quote, and our rental agents will handle the rest!

These promotions can not be combined**

Next in the line, a collaboration designed to bring you closer to the finest filmmaking gear, we bridge an exciting partnership between SAF and JustCinemaGear! Unlocking the opportunity to get exclusive access to premium equipment, at unbeatable rates. Whether it’s for a short film or a full-length feature, our Cinema Connection initiative is here to ensure you have the right tools in your hands without breaking the budget.

A link to this page will be updated in the coming weeks, where a list of cinema gear can be found and updated monthly with available items to rent. Inventory is limited, and must be booked at least 1 week in advance.

Calling all Assistant Cameras!

Last but not least, in efforts to unite creatives across all departments, Stray Angel Films is now offering free storage for AC carts. We understand the hassle and expense of transporting, and storing essential equipment. Now, keep your Assistant Camera carts safe and sound in our facility, ready for your next shoot day, completely free of charge. If this is in your ballpark, send an email to [email protected], and our rental agents will take it from there!

For more day to day, and weekly updates on promotions, new gear, and production opportunities at Stray Angel Films, stay tuned on our social pages below!

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