ARRI Releases AMIRA Pricing


Since last Fall when ARRI first unveiled the AMIRA, everyone in the industry has been dying to know just how much the ENG-style ALEXA would cost. Today, ARRI sent out a press release announcing that they are now accepting orders for the AMIRA with the most basic configuration starting at €25,980 (approximately $35,444 USD). In their press release today, ARRI broke down the three different AMIRA configurations that are currently available:

  • “Entry-point” ($35,444) allows Rec 709 ProRes 422 recording up to 100 fps
  • “Advanced set” ($39,537) adds features such as Log C, ProRes 422 (HQ) at 200 fps, in-camera grading and a pre-record function, among others.
  • “Premium set” ($44,994) incorporates features for high-end productions perhaps using AMIRA as a companion to ALEXA, including ProRes 4444 and 2K up to 200 fps, as well as limitless color control on set and in post with custom 3D LUTs.

It should be noted that we took the prices the AMIRA is selling for in Europe and converted it to USD. It is quite possible that when US sellers begin offering the AMIRA, the price could be a little lower. While ARRI didn’t give an exact release date for the AMIRA, they did say it should begin shipping in Q2 of this year. We plan on offering the ARRI AMIRA for rentals as soon as it becomes available. Check back here on the blog, or on our website for availability.