Introducing: Astera Helios LED Tubes

Astera is cutting a reputation for providing quality engineered, practical, and hugely reliable LED lighting solutions for any scenario where wireless control is the best option.

Astera’s fabulous new Helios Tube has all the features and functionality of the popular Titan Tube in a smaller, lighter and more transportable package. This powerful little tube can be mounted in places where the  Titan Tube might be too long or impractical to rig.

The super convenient Helios has 8 pixels and is half the brightness of the Titan Tube but with the same high CRI; making it perfect for areas like pop up dressing rooms, makeup stations at fashion shows as well as for lighting rooms, sets, and other spaces!

Astera Helios LED Tubes Stray Angel Art Photo

The colors, brightness, battery life and other elements are perfectly matched to those of the Titan Tube so combining the two fixtures gives seamless lighting coverage.

These powerful, flexible and extremely easy to use products are making a big impact in the worlds of film, video, promos, and television as well as in a whole range of events, rental and staging applications and some more esoteric public art projects.

For more information on how to rent the Helios Tube, email, give us a call or stop in for a demo. We’d love to see you!

Check out our Astera Collaboration Video with Owl Bot!