Canon Announces C300 AutoFocus Upgrade & RCV-100 Remote Control

Last year, Canon released the 70D, a DSLR that uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology to allow continuous autofocusing. Previously, it had been announced the C100 would be eligible for an upgrade enabling it to use the same technology. Yesterday, Canon announced the C300 owners would also have the option of upgrading.

While the Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology is not for every production or shooter, it could certainly come in handy during run-and-gun/one-man shooter situations. With many reality shows, documentaries, and ENG type productions now shooting on the C300, we can understand why Canon thought this would be a useful upgrade.

Canon C300 Cinema Camera Stock Photo

If you’re curious about how Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology works, let Canon explain it further:

“The EOS C300 camera with Dual Pixel AF technology features a CMOS sensor that consists of an array of pixels that each feature two separate photodiodes. By continuously comparing their outputs during AF mode, phase-difference autofocus helps ensure non-blurred images and smooth focus transitions even when the talent and/or camera are moving. The new feature places a high priority on maintaining sharp focus while, providing natural, smooth focus transitions with select Canon autofocus EF lenses – including newer-generation STM lenses – which offer even smoother and quieter operation.”

The upgrade will be available for the C300 in May. If you’d like to take advantage of the upgrade, there will be a $500 fee and your camera will have to be sent to a Canon service center.

Canon also announced that it is releasing the RC-V100 Remote Control for the C500, C300, and C100 cameras. With the RC-V100, you can control main camera functions such as white balance and exposure. It will be released in June and is expected to cost $2,999.

For more information on how to rent the Canon C300, email, give us a call or stop in for a demo. We’d love to see you!

Watch the Canon C300 Autofocus in Action: