Canon C100, C300, & C500 Getting ISO 80,000 Upgrade

Canon C Line Cameras Firmware Update

It seems there is a bit of an ISO war happening right now. Sony recently announced an upgrade to to the FS700 that gives it a max ISO of 64,000.  Yesterday, Canon gave details about a future update that will allow their C line of cameras to have a maximum ISO of 80,000.

Currently, the Canon C100, C300, and C500 have a maximum ISO of 20,000. 80,000 ISO is obviously a lot higher than that, but the question is, will this firmware update make the usable ISO higher? Sure, you can push the ISO up to 20,000 now, but it’s not likely that it would produce an image you could use. Generally, you wouldn’t really want to push the C300’s ISO past 5,000. Perhaps the new firmware update will improve existing ISO performance as well as expand.

The firmware update will also give the C500 a new extended color gamut for digital cinema projection, DCI-P3+. It will also gain a new 4K1K raw setting for a 4096×1080 pixel ratio with recording of up to 120fps. The monitoring via the Mon.2 terminal will support up to 2K output and the automatic cooling mode will be updated to turn the fan off during recording to reduce noise.

The firmware updates are expected to be available at the end of this year. You can get more information on the Canon Europe website.