New DJI Phantom 4 Drone Offers Impressive New Technology

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DJI is back at it again with their new Phantom 4 drone. The new Phantom has a few impressive new features, all thanks to the new advanced computer vision and onboard sonar.

The DJI Phantom 4 is equipped with four cameras (in addition to the main 4K cam) that serve as the drone’s advanced computer vision. This allows the drone to see the world around it and help make sure it doesn’t crash. If you get too close to an object or wall, the Phantom 4 will actually stop itself from running into it. Early testers of the drone have said that this feature works incredibly well.

There is another new feature, “TapFly”, that is aimed at beginner pilots. When TapFly mode is engaged, it eliminates the need to use the stick controller. You can use the app and simply tap a waypoint on the screen. The Phantom 4 will then fly itself there, using the best path and avoiding in obstacles in it’s way.

Probably the most exciting new feature of the Phantom 4 for filmmakers is the “ActiveTrack” mode. This setting allows you to pick a moving object (such as an actor) and then the drone will track and follow it, keeping it in frame.

How much will the DJI Phantom 4 cost? Only $1400, which considering all it can do is really not that bad. Phantom 4 drones will start shipping at the end of this month (March 2016). You can currently pre-order the Phantom 4 on B&H.