We’ve written quite a bit about drone filmmakers and the cameras they’re now using to get low-budget aerial shots. Drones are capable of some epic aerial footage, but because it is so easy for amateurs to get their hands on the products today, there have been a lot of crashes. To start your week off right (and give you a good laugh), we’ve compiled some of our favorite drone fails into one convenient post!

Chase Jarvis is no amateur, but he did manage to crash a DJI Phantom modified to carry a Sony RX100-2.

Taking your Phantom to the Grand Canyon is a great idea, right?! I bet you’ll get beautiful, picture-esque shots – or – just an awesome video crashing into it.

The guys over at CineChopper headed to Peru to film for Animal Planet. When they sent their $15,000 rig on a test flight over the treetops, it malfunctions and everyone has to scour the jungle trying to locate it!

Having your drone malfunction mid-flight over water is every operator’s worst nightmare.

This drone was attacked by a couple of birds and crash-landed as a result.

Another dangerous drone flight over a busy place like Times Square. Imagine if the drone crashed and landed on a car!

Of course, we saved the best for last! You may have seen this before, but it honestly never gets old. Wedding drone videography gone very wrong: