H6 Zoom Recorder: “The Most Advanced Portable Recorder Ever”


The H4N Zoom recorder has been a big hit for filmmakers shooting with DSLRs. It’s a great handheld recorder that allows you to use its microphone or plug in an external. It’s a few years old now and Zoom has just announced it’s replacement, the brand new Zoom H6.

While new camera’s tend to get all the buzz, we think that there’s a lot of reasons to get excited over the H6! Zoom is calling it the “most advanced portable recorder ever”. It offers six tracks of simultaneous recording and has interchangeable input capsules such as X/Y, MS, and Shotgun mics. Dual XLR/TRS combo capsules can also be purchased.

The H6 Handheld Zoom recorder can be attached to a camera strap or mounted directly to a DSLR. It has a full-color display that is easier to see than the H4, especially in low-light. It records to SD cards and a variety of popular .WAV and .MP3 formats including 24-bit/96k. Each input has its own dedicated gain control and pad switch, as well as phantom power in three different voltages.

The new H6 Zoom will be available for rent at Stray Angel Films in August 2013.

The Zoom H6 can be purchased through B&H.