Introducing The Astera Titan Tube: The Newest Innovation in LED Lighting

The Astera Titan Tube represents the newest innovation in wireless LED tube lighting.  The Astera Titan Tubes bring double the output of the AX1 with increased color correctness more on par for what is expected of LED fixtures for film and television.  In lieu of the RGBW LED chips, the Titan Tubes include RGB + Mint and Amber chips to produce a wider spectrum of color-correct light.  The Astera Titan Tubes include a heavier duty battery and a boost mode to allow you to get extended output for a period of time.

In addition to the added intensity and battery life, the new tubes include an onboard display on the back of the tube where you can make manual adjustments to the fixture. This is a great feature as you won’t always be bound to the app when you need to use the fixtures in more simple scenarios.

Astera Titan Tube

The Astera Titan Tubes were designed to integrate with the existing AX1 PixelTube system and controllable via the same Asterabox, App, and remote.  Titan Tubes are able to match the output and color of their older counterparts, which makes them a great supplement to AX1 PixelTube kits.

For more information on how to rent the Astera Titan Tubes, email, give us a call or stop in for a demo. We’d love to see you!

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