Most people feel that LED lighting is the future of the film industry for a couple of reasons. Arri seems to think so too and has released a new generation of lights, the L- series, which contains LED Fresnel lighting fixtures.

Arri is really proud of this line. After using one, I think they should be! They have done their best to make sure that these LED lights are as close as possible to traditional Fresnel fixtures in both function and performance.

The L7-C delivers the same clear, defined shadows that you would expect in a traditional tungsten or daylight fixture. It also has a few new advantages over previous Frensel technology such as the ability to change the temperature of the light from  2,700K to 10,000K with the turn of a dial. You can also make the light virtually any color, eliminating the need for gels.

It is probably the most impressive LED light I’ve seen out on the market so far. Though it may currently be out of budget for some indie projects, the amount of time it can save really adds up. I believe we’ll see studios beginning to replace old lights with these soon as they probably have the most to gain. The lights use 75% less power than an equivalent tungsten light and also put off virtually no heat. That’s a huge savings in electricity bills for studios.

Watch the video that our “Gearu”, Josh, made showing off the L7C.

If you’re interested in renting the Arri L7-C, check it out here on our website.

The Arri L7-C is also available for purchase through B&H.