Lowel Debuts Three Professional LED Light Banks

Lowel lights have primarily been known for their use as location lighting, but this year they’ve decided to throw their hat into the studio lighting ring. This week they announced three new LED lights, Model 200, Model 400, and Model 800.

All three of the new Lowell LED light fixtures come in your choice of either Daylight or Tungsten, have a Color Rendering Index of 91+, low wattage with power factor ratings of .95m, quiet fanless operation, and come with a hanging clamp and female stand fitting. They also all come with a barn door softening set and honeycomb grids. Ready for implementation in a Studio, all lights are fully DMX addressable as well as dimmable and controllable.

Lowel Lighting Logo

Lowel claims that these new light banks are brighter than most similarly sized studio LEDs and have a much wider, more usable 50-degree beam angle.

Studios are beginning to switch over to a full LED set up due to the savings on power from the low light wattage and the use of less AC because the lights do not get hot. Because of this, Lowel is wise to get into this market and we can’t wait to see more from the company.

At the time of writing, the 800 has not been listed for sale but is expected to cost about $3,900.