NAB 2014: AJA Announces Their Own 4K Global Shutter Camera

AJA Announces Camera Cion 4K Global Shutter

Not to be out done by Blackmagic, AJA is another hardware maker who has decided to get in to the camera game. In a surprise announcement this year at NAB they’ve unveiled their first camera, 4K AJA CION.

Reports are coming out of NAB that the AJA CION is indeed a 4K global shutter PL mount camera. It records UHD, HFR, and gives you Prores proxies. The camera also has thunderbolt. The AJA CION is expected to cost around $9K.

We had no idea AJA would be releasing a camera this year. Now we can’t wait to visit their booth tomorrow and get more details about the 4K CION!