Need A Panasonic Camera Repaired? Use Studio City Engineering!

Because we are a rental house, we are no stranger to repairing cameras. Our business actually got started more than a decade ago with a pair of Panasonic HVX-200s. As the cameras often need general maintenance or repair from an L&D, these sorts of things were really starting to add up.

Then we met Robert Shames, owner of Studio City Engineering. He has worked at Panasonic for many, many years so he is likely the most experienced and capable independent Panasonic camera repair guy. Even better, he is also the cheapest and the fastest! We’ve used him for years now and he’s always given us such great service and helped us keep out Panasonic cameras in tip top shape. Clients often ask us for recommendations to get their personal cameras repaired and he has taken care of every single one the same way he takes care of us.

If you need your professional Panasonic camera repaired, please consider using Studio City Engineering. Their shop is here in Los Angeles, but you can ship your camera to them if you are located out of town.