Introducing the Sony VENICE Rialto Tethered Extension System

Last week Band Pro held a Sony VENICE workshop at Stray Angel Films that covered the enhanced functionality of Sony VENICE 3.0  & 4.0 Firmware updates and demoed the new Rialto tethered extension system.

The Rialto is a lightweight and easy to use tethered extension system for the Sony VENICE that allows the camera body to detach from the image sensor block with no degradation in image quality.  The Rialto is compatible with both existing and new VENICE cameras. Users can quickly configure and freely use VENICE’s image sensor block to capture uncompromising imagery, customizing the camera for specific scenarios in under 3 minutes via a single 3mm Allen Wrench.

Rialto Tethered System Stock Photo

The image sensor block weighs 4 lbs with PL mount and 3 lbs using the native E-mount, and the cable system can extend from 9 or 18 feet, offering a highly configurable, flexible and portable method of operation.  The Rialto enables to VENICE to be suitable for many mounting configurations and filming scenarios, including use with gimbals, handheld stabilizers, underwater & helicopter housings, 3D/VR rigs, and tight or unconventional spaces (such as inside vehicles, on cranes or Russian arms).  In fact, the tether extension system was requested by James Cameron and Lightstorm producer Jon Landau for use on the current Avatar production with their 3D rigs.

For more information on how to rent the Sony VENICE, email, give us a call or stop in for a demo. We’d love to see you!

And check out the photos below in case you missed this awesome event!