Panavision Develops Accessories For The Sony F55 Camera


Panavision appears to be looking for new ways to stay relevant in the digital era. Today they announced that they have have developed their own patent-pending accessories for Sony’s F55 camera.

The new Panavision F55 accessories include dovetail systems for Steadicam, Panavision, and Arri baseplates. There is also an additional dovetail system with a shoulder pad.

Another accessory worth noting is the new power box that provides 12v & 24v power as well as battery hot-swap and HDMI functions.

Here’s what Panavision wrote about their new F55 accessories:

Allowing maximum flexibility and modularity, these user-friendly accessories enable the camera assistant to quickly and easily switch from Studio mode to Steadicam mode to Hand-held mode.

Watch the video of the new “Panavised F55”: