Our Most Popular Filmmaking Videos

Many years ago, when Stray Angel Films was run by just two guys in a single office, our YouTube channel was created. Even though resources were much more limited then, Josh & Suren both realized that YouTube was a great opportunity to connect with other filmmakers and wanted to utilize it. They began shooting demos of our gear and also film school-esque videos, like teaching depth of field.

We have been able to connect with hundreds of thousands of filmmakers we may have otherwise never gotten the chance to. We’ve interviewed companies like Panasonic and DJI about new products, as well as tested out new cameras to see how they compare against others. Sometimes we’ve even been able to lend clients gear to do awesome projects like shoot in desert at night using only moonlight for exposure!

Today, we have almost 5,000 subscribers and over 700,000 views! It has been so much fun to watch our channel grow and also rewarding to give a little back to the filmmaking community.

In case you don’t keep up with our YouTube channel, we wanted to create a post showcasing our most popular videos.

10. Canon C300 vs Sony FS7

9. How To Wrap A BNC Audio Cable

8. Sony FS7 vs ARRI AMIRA vs URSA vs C300 Mark II Dynamic Range


6. How To Shoot With & Balance The MoVI M10

5. Canon C100 vs Canon C300

4. Basic Cinematography: How To Light An Interview

3. Sony FS700 Slow Motion Test

2. Cine Style Lenses vs Still Photography Lenses

1. How To Shoot A Fight Scene

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