RODE Microphones Soundbooth

RODE Microphones has just added an awesome feature to their site called the RODE Soundbooth. Now no matter where you are you can check out all of RODE’S microphones and compare the audio and quality side-by-side.

All of the audio was recorded simultaneously from the same source to give you an accurate sample of each microphones capabilities. RODE Soundbooth currently has twenty three of their microphones including the NTG8, NTG3, NTG2, NTG1, VideoMic, Stereo VideoMic, VideoMic Pro,  Stereo Video Mic Pro, NT4, NT5, Broadcaster, Procaster, Podcaster, Lavalier, PinMic, HS1,  K2,  NT1-A,  M1, and M3.

The Soundbooth also allows you to hear the mics in five different scenarios that you would normally encounter including indoor and outdoor dialogue, voice over, acoustic music performance, and live reinforced music.

ImageWe think this pretty awesome! There’s never quite been something like this before to compare mics and we are definitely looking forward to the iPad version that will be coming out this year.

Go here to check RODE’s Soundbooth out and find the perfect mic for your next production.