Solidarity in the Wake of Coronavirus

A Message from Stray Angel Films

For the safety and health of both our staff and you, our loyal friends and clients, present and future orders at Stray Angel Films are officially moving to an appointment-only model at the time of writing. We’re monitoring the governmental response carefully each day, and we have a plan for temporary closure should a ‘shelter-in-place’ order be put into effect for Los Angeles County.

In the wake of Coronavirus, we’ve asked ourselves how we can help the broader community beyond staying at home to help mitigate the spread. If you can manage, consider a donation to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. And if you’re healthy, willing, and able, the American Red Cross is in dire need of blood donations with drives canceled around the country. Finally, with the new requirements on Animal Care Centers to limit services, the time is now to provide foster care for a wonderful cat or dog if there ever was one. Visit NKLA to learn more about setting up an appointment, and help alleviate some of the pressure on our four-legged friends.

As we all do our part, and while we may not have hit bottom yet, we will get through this together. Do not hesitate to reach out by phone, by email, and through social about anything, and we will do everything in our power to help. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing everything we can to take care of your needs as a customer as best as we can for as long as we’re able. If the order comes in and we have to close our doors temporarily, we’re not going anywhere; we’ll be right here on the other side when the quarantine is over, no matter how long it takes.

Suren M. Seron, CEO |

Josh Burrows, COO |

Billy Civitella, CRO |