Sony Announces The FS700R 4K RAW Camera

Sony - NEX-FS700RH-Announced-Released-4K

The Sony FS700 has been a big hit in the indie film world, allowing filmmakers on a budget to easily capture quality slow motion motion footage in HD. Sony has decided to release an upgrade, the 4K ready NEX FS700R.

The FS700R has a 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor. Their two big differences between the new FS700R and the original FS700. First, the new FS700R comes with the newest firmware preloaded. This gives you S-Log2 and great low-light capability. It also comes ready for a 4K recording set up, unlike the FS700 which would have to take a pricey trip back to the factory.

If you are interested in recording 2K or 4K RAW with the FS700R, you will also need an external recorder. Generally, in pro level cameras the SDI output is 10-bit, but the FS700R ouputs a 12-bit signal via 3G-SDI. This 12-bit signal is proprietary, and Sony has not let third parties capture it at 4K, only 2K or HD. This means if you want to use 4K RAW you will have to us Sony’s 4K recorder and interface, the AXS-R5.

Check out Sony’s Promo Video for the new FS700R:

While there is not an official release date yet, we should be seeing the FS700R released by the end of this year. The FS700R is expected to cost $8,100. There is also an FS700RH being released that includes the SELP-18200 lens. It is expected to retail for $9,050.