Sony’s A7s 4K DSLR Gets Price & Release Date

Sony A7s DSLR Price Release Date

Sony debuted the A7s, a new 4K DSLR, this year at a NAB. The camera received a lot of buzz, mostly because of it’s ridiculous ISO range: 50 to 409,600! While it’s a previously unheard of top ISO, it is still unclear what the highest ISO with a usable image is. Over the weekend, Sony released the A7s release date and price.

The Sony A7s has a ship date of July 2014 for a price of $2499.99. This is around the expected price point, as it costs slightly less than the GH4 YAGH box bundle. It is also comparable to other like cameras such as the Blackmagic.

Sony has released some test footage from the A7s:

What do you think? Which is better for filmmakers, the Sony A7s or the Panasonic GH4?