Stray Angel Films: A Brand Content Retrospective

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve collaborated with countless incredibly passionate film and media industry professionals. Sometimes we wonder how we ever ended up so lucky to be able to make long-lasting friendships and do what we love every day. This video is a testament to that cinema magic we’ve created together right here at Stray Angel Films, and if we had but one regret, it’s that three minutes is hardly long enough to fit everything in! 


We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge those of you that have been with us since the beginning, having witnessed our transformation into the healthy and bustling company you see today. This journey hasn’t been easy, but the journeys worth taking never are. Your unrelenting advocacy and support mean the world to us, and we can’t thank you enough for sticking by our side through it all.

SAF Equipment Van On the Road Photo

While our supporters already know what the amazing team at Stray Angel Films brings to the table, we often end up surprising new clientele with our diverse capabilities. We made a point to highlight a wide spectrum of digital media work in the video, and we wanted to take this unique opportunity to help define what we do in greater detail to those that haven’t worked with us: not yet, at least!


Stray Angel Films is both a camera equipment rental house and a production services company, and when you mix it all together with our onsite soundstage and our SAF crew, you hold a unique recipe for digital media success. You’re free to blend any combination of our equipment rentals and production services for your next project, be it a commercial, trailer, webisode, music video, television show, feature film, or documentary, with the final results of your creativity falling under the ‘Created with SAF’ umbrella.

SAF Behind the Scenes Production Shot

Our customers expect quality equipment rental and production services when they walk through our doors for the first time. While we’re delighted to position ourselves in the more traditional support role behind the scenes per your needs, our experienced staff has the unique ability to produce digital content from start to finish.  After all, this company was built on a foundation of production work by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

With our firsthand experience, we know all too well the unique challenges you might be facing to get your project off the ground successfully. Factors like having the right cast, an experienced crew, and the perfect camera setup swirl around while the budgetary constraints loom large above. We are uniquely positioned to help you through the digital content process in its entirety because we have seen it all! 

SAF Feather Mantra Logo

To that end, we’ve done our level best to do away with phrases like “we can’t…” and “no, sorry…” inside the company facilities, striving instead to present an ideal solution to the creative process. We’re more capable, and we’re more adaptable to your project requirements through any combination of Equipment Rentals, Production Services, and Producing, the final products in that category labeled ‘Produced by SAF’. We strive to live up to the company’s mantra: Rentals. Productions. Miracles. every day. Give us a shot at your next project and we’ll prove it!


So Without Further Ado. We hope you love watching our showreel as much as we loved putting it together!



Cash Cash & Dashboard Confessional | Belong

In Order of Appearance 

[c] = supplied SAF camera equipment, [p] = produced or co-produced by SAF
[ps] = supplied SAF production services, [s] = supplied SAF stage

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