Where Is Camera Gear Stolen The Most?

Each and every owner of camera equipment has had to worry about gear theft. Thieves are savvy, and they know that a small bag with both camera and lenses can potentially be worth thousands of dollars.

Lenstag is an anti-theft gear registry that helps people recovered stolen gear. They ran data for all of 2015 on the theft that was reported about gear from their registry and broke down exactly where cameras are stolen the most.

Where Is Camera Gear Stolen The Most?

It comes at no surprise that the number one location camera equipment is stolen is the Automobile, at 31%. Lenstag said that rental cars, in particular, are singled out by thieves, so be extra vigilant when you’re traveling.

Other interesting tidbits from the Lenstag stolen gear data includes countries with the most reported theft (USA, UK, Italy) and the most commonly-stolen gear: The Canon 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, and Canon 24-70mf/2.8L Lens.

The moral of the story is this: be vigilant and keep a sharp eye out when storing your gear, and consider registering at Lenstag!