BMPC Blackmagic 4K Camera Delayed

I’ve heard that two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Some might say you could list a third: Blackmagic Cameras will always be delayed. Possibly even twice, which has been this case with the 4K Production Camera.

CEO of Blackmagic, Grant Petty, took to the Blackmagic forum today to announce that they have had some unexpected issues with the sensors they’ve received. Petty now says it will probably be another 3-4 weeks before the 4K Blackmagic Production Camera can begin shipping. Read his full post below:

“I just want to give you an update on the 4K camera.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we received the production sensors much later than we expected. When we built cameras from them we saw some big differences in the images between these production sensors vs the pre production samples we originally received. What this means is that we have been working over the last few weeks to replace a bunch of the software in the camera that handles the sensor calibration and image processing. 

It’s taking a bit longer than we expected to do this and we think its going to take about 3 to 4 weeks more to get those changes done and to get the QA process completed before we can start shipping.

We apologize for the delays from the original promised date. Ultimately, image calibration is a very important step so we want to make sure this is done properly before shipping.”

So it’ll be at minimum another month until anyone can get their hands on one. A few Blackmagic Pocket Cams have  hit the streets, but even shipping on them is still slow.

What do you think about the Blackmagic delays?