AJA CION Camera Gets Big Price Drop

AJA released its first camera, the CION, at the end of last year. While we have seen some really nice images come from the camera, it hasn’t exactly become a runaway hit yet. What’s the best way to get a camera to take off? Get it into the hands of creative shooters!

AJA CION Cinema Camera

To help promote the camera a few months ago, AJA launched its #TryCION program. #TryCION allows filmmakers to request to borrow a CION camera for free. The program is still ongoing, and you can still apply at the time of writing. Now AJA is announcing a huge “Summer of Savings” promotion and they are discounting the price by almost half ($5,000!). That means if you want to buy a CION today it will only cost you $4995. Not bad for a 4K, global shutter production camera!

If you previously purchased an AJA CION, don’t worry, if you email ionpromo@aja.com they will give you two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free.

If you’re interested in learning more about the CION, check out the review from B&H: